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Although Sabiamente – Centro de Estudos is profit oriented, it is a private educational institution that guides its action under social concerns. Therefore its main task is to promote the overall development of each individual.
Sabiamente – Centro de Estudos has as its mission and vision cooperate in the field of Education through bridging the gaps on free and public bid, providing training that meets specific needs both in the form level (method/strategy, rhythm and schedule) and content (interests and objectives).
The School
Sabiamente – Centro de Estudos began its activity in September of 2007 and its prime purpose was giving support to immigrants’ integration in Portugal through the teaching of Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PLE) and Portuguese as Second Language (L2).
Nowadays Sabiamente – Centro de Estudos teaches Portuguese to several individuals that come from all over the world and in different conditions: workers, people seeking for job, students in mobility programs and also masters, doctoral and post-doctoral research fellows.
On the other hand, the offer in other Foreign Languages (LEs) has been developing as a result of expressed need by portuguese and foreign citizens. The motivations arise not only due to the interest in the enhancement of the curriculum vitae and/or simply curiosity in the language and culture, but mainly due to the current position of Portugal and other european countries in the Europe and the World that enforce communication, for bigger or smaller period of time, inside or outside the country, with other linguistic and cultural communities.
Since 9th of November of 2015, Sabiamente – Centro de Estudos is a certified training institution by the Directorate General for Labour and Work Relations (DGERT) in the field 222 Languages and Foreign Literatures. This means that it had a formal recognition that has skills, means and resources required to develop training in this field.
Besides, our institution presents bids in other fields: Classes by Skype, Adult Literacy, Introduction to ICT, Pedagogical Support (in classroom), Individual Tutoring, aimed to children and young people between 1st cycle of Basic Education and Secondary Education. 

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