Portuguese for Foreigners
Sabiamente – Centro de Estudos is a certified training institution by the Directorate General for Labour and Work Relations (DGERT) in the field 222 Languages and Foreign Literatures, of which highlights Portuguese as a Foreign Language.

The trainings given at Sabiamente – Centro de Estudos have face to face classes and they can be organized as group classes, classes in pairs or individual classes.
The courses are programmed according to the students’ level of knowlegde and they are based on the Commom European Framework Reference for Languages.

If the student don’t have a certificate, it’s possible to do a diagnostic test so that can be inserted in a class with the appropriate language level. This test is free!

Group Classes – Level Courses: 
- Classes with 4 students (min.) and 8 or 12 students (max.); 
- Running time: 50 hours (40 hours in classroom and 10 hours of autonomous work) 

Individual Classes or Classes in Pairs: 
- Each class takes 55 minutes; 
- The classes are scheduled according to the availability of the student and the teacher’s. 

Which are the advantages on having a training course in a training certified institution?
- Do training in an institution that presents recognition of the quality in the market
- The guarantee that the institution guides its action through procedures and practices that are according to a specific quality referencial for training; 
- The training is considered certified according to National Qualifications System
- May deduct on IRS the training expenses. 

For further information on CAPLE exams:
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